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Troll 2


If only there were trolls in this movie


corn on the cob slut
vegetarian goblins
baloney sandwich!

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Dance of the Dead (2008)

dance of the dead

it’s like BLUH meets BLAH.
so, your teen film has zombies…
that don’t make it good.

This is one of those movies that seem so low-budget and earnest that you kind of HAVE to like it. But then, they burn up all that goodwill by having the zombies drive, or keep walking after their head is removed or oh-hey-come-on-now become hypnotized by rock music for some reason. There was one scene where the cheerleader makes a dash through a horde of zombies — flipping, rolling, and diving — that was thought was pretty cool. Then we realized it was because it reminded us of “Buffy”, so we were conflicted. Not bad, but not amazing.

Speaking of amazing works of survival horror, “The Walking Dead” is coming to AMC on October 31st, 2010. Excited? You betcha.

And, what the heck, here’s the fan-made opening credits (that is, not the ones they’re going to use on the real show), prepared by Daniel M. Kanemoto. The actual show is probably going to be a little more sombre and grim. These credits, however, are slick as hell. I would watch this show.

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Camp Hell (2010)

i learned that if you sin then you will have an asthma attack and a statue of the virgin mary will fall on you.

bible camp!  demons!
it’s just about abstinence
the real sin? FAKE HORROR.

once again, i have no idea where this movie went wrong. the credits were super scary and it was supposedly based on a true story about a bible camp where demons appear to take care of sinners.  i think that’s what this was about anyways, i kind of lost interest about halfway through once i realized that the trailer was a complete tease and everything else was mostly about how if you sin, then demons will attack you and your family. jesse eisenberg is in it for about 5 mintues, i no longer have a crush on andrew mccarthy and if i ever have children, they are never going to bible camp.

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